Coed Ninja

Train like a Junior Ninja Warrior!

Coed Ninja Program

Building Strength, Confidence, Agility and Endurance

Coed Ninja

Northeast Ninja Warrior kids is a fun high energy class for both boys and girls who may not be interested in learning traditional gymnastics but would love to experience the thrill of it!

In this class, we will be using our current gymnastics and preschool equipment to teach basic gymnastics skills such as balancing, running, jumping, swinging, rolling and cartwheeling. The children will also be taught the proper way to fall and land safely.

A portion of the class will be spent working on physical benefits including increased strength, agility, endurance and flexibility

By teaching the children to have fun while being a “Ninja warrior” we are helping to instill a lifelong love of activity and physical fitness while increasing their overall self-confidence.

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Coed Ninja

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